Cinderella – Golden Anniversary

Cinderella - Golden Anniversary

The Walt Disney Studios has created this character image to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the 1950 classic film, Cinderella. Several memorable moments are combined including Cinderella’s daydream, consolation by her Fairy Godmother, her hurried midnight departure from the Ball, and her romantic waltz with Prince Charming.

Classic Michigan J. Frog

Classic Michigan J. Frog

“Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime, summertime gal…” The most famous and sought after frog in history strikes his classic pose in front of the theater where he will…er, will not perform. The drawing for this hand-painted edition was created by Warner Bros. artist Dan Haskett.

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The Simpsons

The Simpsons™ The Simpsons – This is a Hand-Painted Production Cel featuring Homer holding the skeletal remains of Bart…from the ‘Brother From The Same Planet’ epsiode, air date February 4, 1993. The Simpsons – This is a Hand-Painted Production Cel featuring a grinning Dr. Hibbert From ‘Brother From The Same Planet’ episode which aired February …

Hanna-Barbera Animation Art: The Flintstones

Betty Model Cel & Model Sheet

Betty Model Cel & Model Sheet The Flintstones®, originally named ‘The Gladstones’, were developed by model sheet maker Ed Benedict for Hanna-Barbera. The color call-out model cel is an example of the art that studio painters used throughout the production. The fine art lithographic model sheet is recreated from the original model sheet by Ed …

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Baseball Bugs

The Art Of Baseball Baseball Bugs – This fine art Hand Painted Limited Edition Cel features Bugs Bunny in his most famous game against the Gashouse Gorillas…one of the most sought after cels ever released. Yerrrrrr Oooouuutt!!! – This fine art Hand Painted Limited Edition Cel features progressive images of Bugs Bunny diving for home …

Cinderella’s Happy Ending

Cinderella's Happy Ending

Cinderella’s Happy Ending Includes Dedication Certificate Signed By Marc Davis Nominated for three Academy Awards in 1950, Cinderella is among the most loved films created by all of Disney’s legendary Nine Old Men. Ham Luske and Les Clark animated Cinderella and Prince Charming in this wonderful Hand Painted Limited Edition Cel recreating Sequence 6, Scene …

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Tom & Jerry: Dangerous When Wet

Tom & Jerry: Dangerous When Wet In 1953, swimming superstar Esther Williams took the plunge and allowed the scene-stealing cat and mouse, Tom and Jerry, to appear opposite her in the bubbly MGM® muscial, “Dangerous When Wet”. Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera earned Oscar®’s for 7 Tom and Jerry cartoons in ten years…still an unbroken …

Pet Store

Pet Store

Disney continues its tradition of celebrating significant historical moments from the early Mickey cartoons with Pet Store, recreating Scene 18 from the 1933 classic. Working in a pet store, Mickey offers his assistance – and an invitation to dance – to his sweetheart Minnie. This scene was animated by Dick Lundy and Ham Luske under …