Bugs Bunny In Broomstick Bunny By Chuck Jones

Bugs Bunny In Broomstick Bunny

Broomstick Bunny Signed By June Foray Witch Hazel is about to make Rabbit Stew in this fine art Hand Painted Limited Edition Cel. Inspired by a classic cartoon moment directed by renowned animation legend Chuck Jones, this edition is hand-signed by June Foray, the voice of Witch Hazel.

Bugs Bunny & Gossamer: A Hare And A Scare

Bugs Bunny & Gossamer

A Hare And A Scare Inspired by a classic moment in one of Gossamer’s three appearances, this hand-painted dimensional edition features the tennis-shoed Looney Tune chasing Bugs Bunny through the castle. Among the most popular categories of hand-painted art ever released by Warner Bros., every previous dimensional work of art has quickly sold out…this is …

Walt Disney – The Great Storyteller

Walt Disney

This nostalgic edition captures a rendering of Walt Disney by famed Disney artist Paul Wentzel as he reads the treasured tale “Snow White” to some of the most beloved and enduring characters of all time; Mickey Mouse, Dopey, Jiminy Cricket, Baloo, Cinderella – 12 characters in all. In the background, the shelves of Walt’s study …

Rhapsody Rabbit

Rhapsody Rabbit

Inspired by the Merrie Melodies cartoon short of the same name, this hand-painted limited edition features a musical mouse determined to thwart Bugs Bunny’s best attempt at playing Second Hungarian Rhapsody. In addition to the cel of Bugs and mouse at the piano, a title card is matted below featuring the mouse introducing the cartoon.

Quick Draw McGraw Animation Art Gallery, Baba Looey, Hanna Barbera Animation

Baba Looey

Quick Draw McGraw: Shooting Room Only “Hold on thar’, Baba Looey, I’ll do all the thinnin’ around here!” Shooting Room Only recreates a hilarious moment from the 1960 episode which premiered on the Quick Draw McGraw Show featuring the tried and true lawman…er, lawhorse and his faithful sidekick Baba Looey. The show, which followed the …

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Robin Hood Daffy

Robin Hood Daffy confronts Friar Porky whose staff only cost a quarter. Inspired by the original 1958 cartoon scene, Chuck Jones created the original artwork for this edition. Based on the hilarious cartoon scene in ‘Robin Hood Daffy’, Jones created the original artwork used to produce this edition. (The original lobby card for this film …

Michael Jordan: To Play or Not To Play


To Play or Not To Play Warner Bros. premiere feature animated film hit the courts, er…the screens in 1996 inspiring a select few limited edition works of art, each one eagerly sought after by collectors. In this recreation of a classic Bugs moment from the film, sports legend Michael Jordan is not exactly convinced to …

Space Jam: Let’s Play Ball

Space Jam

Let’s Play Ball Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig challenge the Nerdlux to a game of hoop. Limited to 2500 works of art in the edition, this is the first sericel from Warner Bros. newest animated feature “Space Jam”.